Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here's a few pictures for your viewing pleasure... enjoy :)

Check'n out a Buddhist Wat

Night time photo of a "stupa" next to RDI

Typical Cambodian housing
It's very common to see cows used for plowing, doing farming tasks, or in this case crossing the river (their heads were barely above the water in the middle of the river).
It's very dusty over here. There are very Few paved roads. It makes staying clean a problem; dust gets on everything!

I've also learned you can do almost anything with a motorcycle or scooter... haul hay, pull a cart for tourists, or let your whole
family ride with you (I've seen 5 people on a scooter several times). I've also seen a 15 passenger van with at least 15 people on it... not in it.

The bricks on the ground next to the window are used to block in the window while the pots are being fired. This is one of 5 brick kilns. They use wood as fuel.

Some of the clay pots after being pulled from the hydraulic mold
A large shot of part of the factory (there are clay pots on racks; they're drying and waiting to go in the kiln).

This is where I live. Those are shipping
containers in the left of the picture. To the right
and behind them are "stupas," or burial places.
It's hard to tell from the photo, but the stupas
sit behind a wall which belongs to a Wat next
This is a close up of my bungalow. I have my own bed and bathroom. It was a white container, but for some reason they put a woven covering over all of it. The rest of the bungalows have bare metal for an exterior.
I hope this gives you a quick visual of where I'm at. I'll try to post some more photos.
Thanks for keeping up with me!


  1. that's awesome cory. sounds like it's going pretty well over there. i've enjoyed the posts. thanks for the updates.

  2. Yay! Thanks for the pictures! I'm glad you're having a blast. We were telling stories about you the other day. Good memories.

  3. these are great. i love the guy with the ridiculous amount of hay.